• The important objective of the BHMS course is to impart thorough and comprehensive training to the candidate in the various aspects of Homoeopathy, During completion of coarse students shall be able to perform with proper skill and knowledge of Homoeopathy

• Basic objectives of education and training in a Homoeopathic institution is to prepare a competent Homoeopathic Physician who is capable of functioning independently and effectively under Rural and Urban set ups.

• Students should get knowledge to apply the fundamental Principles of Homoeopathy, vital concepts of susceptibility, symptomatology.

• Understanding homoeopathic concept and its utility in treating man as a whole with humility.

• Able to diagnose and manage chronic diseases on the basis of clinical assessment, and appropriately selected and conducted investigations.

• Develop and practice social and Professional ethical practices.

• Identify social, economic, environmental, biological and emotional determinants of health in a given case, and take them into account while planning therapeutic, rehabilitative, preventive and primitive measure/strategies

• The knowledge, Skills and attitude gathered in this pattern will keep him constantly aware of his objectives and his role as a Homoeopathic Physician. The Integration of above will keep him up-to-date about all fresh scientific developments and inculcating values of Continuous Medical Education